Alternatives to Spanking

One of the most challenging and difficult jobs in life is that of a parent, 
yet it’s amazingly easy to get hired for the job. One moment life can be 
all fun and games but the very next moment, lifelong responsibilities 
are dumped on unsuspecting, unprepared, and untrained people. Many 
of these “sudden parents” are often highly skilled at other occupations 
but parent training is not even offered in the academic world. 
Apparently, being a parent is viewed as a job we can all naturally 
succeed at. The problem with that idea is that there are just too many 
skills needed in order to be successful. New parents are (in desperation) 
obligated to fall back on grandma for guidance; based upon the 
assumption she has had a great deal of valuable experience. 
That might work with minor decisions like changing diapers and getting 
a bedroom ready for the baby etc. but even grandma usually has limited 
skills when referring to the confusing decisions revolving around 
This book is therefore aimed at assisting grandma with guiding parents 
in the task of discipline. It could easily be called a crash course in 
“parent training”—hardly adequate but a base from which to operate. 

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