The Mystique of Love Unveiled: How to Take Control of Your Love Life

To begin, this title has been replaced by Uncovering Love’s Hidden Truths. This original title is still available on Amazon as a paperback printed in 2006. The content was updated but the concepts have not changed.
One’s entire life is somehow connected to love. Whether “in love” with someone special or simply loving others, we all make life’s major decisions based upon our beliefs about the concept. Love is, therefore, a very important thing to understand. But, who provides us with all of this knowledge and advice? Historically, the two main sources have been grandma and Hollywood. It’s true. We get married becuuse of pithy sayings from grandmas and touching scenes in chick flicks that make us cry. These pools of information are obviously a bit unreliable when one’s entire future is at stake.
This book takes a more intellectual approach. Most readers will see themselves in almost every page mostly because love is something we all feel, have felt or want to feel in the future. This analysis of love is unusual (at times even irritating) but it will make you think. It might even change your life. Take the challenge.

Learn about the seven precise steps involved in falling in love, Learn about the five distinct times we are willing to gush “I love you”. And sadly, learn about how when things go badly in our love lives, we end up heartbroken. Understanding what heartbreak is and why it is so totally depressing is one of the lessons that will be covered.

Don’t forget about the accompanying manuscript: Keystone ~ A Love Story which is also on Kindle for $.99.There is no question that it helps clear up some of the concepts in the book, and it is a much easier read. Reading both will help readers recall the ideas and apply them to their lives.


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